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Triangular Line

We know that it is important for you to rely on a service to manage receivables. This line allows its management, either if you are a supplier or a seller, while obtaining liquidity and reducing risks related to portfolio collection. Moreover, your customers may extend their payment term, according to their cash flow.


If you are a supplier (seller) you may:

  • Obtain efficiency on the balance sheet upon improvement of working capital indicators.
  • Reduce risks associated to portfolio management.
  • Rely on a tool with extensive possibilities upon structuring flexible plans and offering larger terms for your customers, thus providing a competitive advantage.
  • Rely on the Factoring Bancolombia Online Office to carry out recurrent operations without proceedings or additional documentation, and attain reliable information on all your operations.
  • Increase your customers purchase capacity.
  • Manage the quota exclusively with your customers.

Your customer (payer / purchaser) may:

  • Access additional terms without cost or with financing that meets your productive cycle.
  • Take advantage upon prompt payment discounts and, therefore, pay a lower value for the credit document. This may be performed upon availability of cash flow rather than on supplier’s demand.
  • Improve financial indicators: Net Working Capital (NWC), Working Capital productivity (WCP) and Economic Value Added (EVA).
  • Keep the benefits, discounts and bonuses for volume purchasing.
  • Reduce time and operational costs upon financing of your payments to suppliers.
  • Negotiate directly with your suppliers without limitation.


  • Physical credit documents: shipment not required.
  • Maximum Indebtedness Limit (MIL)*: the MIL approved to the purchaser (customer).
  • Interest modality: an interest is charged when the plan includes days with cost.
  • Rate modality: fixed or variable (according to the DTF).
  • Currency: applies for credit documents issued in Colombian pesos.
  • Financial conditions: the form of payment, term, prompt payment discount and rate are specified on the financial conditions included upon financing plans.
  • Terms: depend on the negotiations performed with each customer and supplier.
  • The supplier may manage its billing, either on business days or calendar days.
  • Associated costs: generated by maintenance, operations, balance and product statement checks, issuance of certificates, good standing, clarification letters or any type of communication requested by the customer to the different channels offered by Bancolombia.
  • Product plans: includes negotiations carried out with the supplier in relation to the billing term, the discount and days in which it is granted, days without cost and days with cost. These conditions shall govern the operations with the supplier and customer.


* Maximum Indebtedness Limit: Bancolombia Puerto Rico would be willing to make operations for up to the amount of the MIL, per the conditions agreed in the covenants and provided the agreed requirements and procedures are fulfilled for each one of the operations.

  • Tax charges: disbursements are not subject to lien on financial transactions (4X1000), provided that these are paid directly to a savings account, current account, or by issuance of a crossed check and restricted negotiability in favor of the supplier. The lien on financial transactions (4X1000) shall be accrued to the supplier upon disbursement to a third party.
  • The prompt payment discount returns generated by operations are considered as a risk for the payer, thus these are subject to withholding tax, namely, a 7% withholding on the returning value, which is recorded upon payment according to the payers capacity (self-withholder or not).

Rates and Fees

  • Operation rates vary according to the segment and the quality of customer’s risk.
  • The default rate is the maximum legally allowed.

How to Access the Triangular Line


  • Send the documents and requirements demanded for product request and engagement.
  • The bank establishes the financial conditions such as rate, term, discount and form of disbursement upon negotiation.
  • Customer engagement to Bancolombia.
  • Checks the Maximum Indebtedness Limit (MIL) available for each customer on the transaction website.
  • For invoice payment, please attach the relation of your customer’s outstanding invoices using the predetermined form through the Factoring Bancolombia Online Office.
  • To enter new accounts for invoice payment, you must complete the account registry request form, which may be found at the Online Office, and send it over to Bancolombia. This request must be signed by the legal representative
  • Please enter your user name and password to Factoring Bancolombia Online Office in order to perform operations and check your account statement.


  • Send the documents and requirements demanded for product request and engagement.
  • Sign the financial conditions of the financing plan which governs the commercial relation with your suppliers.
  • Carry out the payments in accordance with the terms agree



Document PDF
Documents required for credit assessment and engagement (suppliers).
Documents required for credit assessment and engagement (customers).

Information related to Bancolombia Triangular Line
  • Proceedings for product cancellation

    The termination of this product is subject to the termination of your contractual relation with Bancolombia. Generally, the contractual relation term is indefinite, and each party may terminate it through written notice delivered to the other party.

    Grounds for termination

    • Termination due the Maximum Indebtedness Limit (MIL):
    • The MIL that was approved must be renewed each year; contact your commercial contact in Factoring Bancolombia, a Bancolombia brand.
    • The MIL may be blocked for expiration of the term, inactivity, default or administrative or commercial decision.
    • If the MIL has been inactive for 6 months or more, the request for reactivation should be made to the commercial contact in Factoring Bancolombia, a Bancolombia brand.

    * Maximum Indebtedness Limit: Bancolombia would be willing to make operations for up to the amount of the MIL, per the conditions agreed in the covenants and provided the agreed requirements and procedures are fulfilled for each one of the operations.

    ¡It is possible to optimize the operation cycle of your business and your customers!

    Both parties receive benefits from the Triangular Line. This line allows you to pay in advance accounts payable and manage the risk efficiently, while your customers may purchase their raw materials or services with longer terms for your payments.

    Your commercial contact will provide detailed information about this product, and if you do not have one:

    Or contact our National Customer Service Center at 018000 930011.

    Triangular Line to optimize your operation cycle

    If this is not what you were looking for, learn about additional options to manage your invoices.manage your invoices.