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Corporate information

At Factoring Bancolombia we want you to learn more about us. Therefore, all the information in detail of our business is available for you.


Created in 1980 as a commercial financing company under the name of Comercia S.A., with the purpose of responding to the financing needs of clients and suppliers.

In 2006 Bancolombia S.A. acquired the majority stake of the company; thus, changing our name to Factoring Bancolombia S.A. Compañía de Financiamiento Comercial.

In 2014 we integrated our operations with Bancolombia S.A., therefore consolidating a better offer for customers and becoming a trademark of Bancolombia S.A.

Factors Chain International Membership

In 2007 we joined the Factors Chain International (FCI), which is an organization that gathers leading factoring companies worldwide with the purpose of responding to the needs of the exporting and importing customers. In October 2014 we assigned the membership to Bancolombia S.A.

In FCI the international factoring is ruled by the GRIF (General Rules for International Factoring), which allows the provision of policies, which will be binding for the companies, in order to offer competitive advantages through:

  • The creation of a global network of widely renowned factoring companies.
  • A modern and effective communications system, which allows the performance of businesses in a more efficient way.
  • The definition of the legal framework that protects exporters and importers.
  • Standardized procedures, which will guarantee the universal quality of the operations.

The participation in this organization allows us offering a larger range of products to our customers through the export and import factoring, thus facilitating the purchase and sale operations of products and services in more than 70 linked countries.