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Corporate Governance

We have a set of policies and corporate guidelines which rule our behavior.

Our model

At Bancolombia Group we have a set of transparency, ethics, Corporate Governance, internal control and risks practices that allow us ensuring a good and sustainable Corporate Governance model that generates confidence to all our stakeholders and guarantees the sustainability of the businesses of the companies across the countries where we are present.

Along our history we have founded the decision making process on sound, ethical and transparency principles, and our culture is a system of institutional values that are reflected on our actions to generate coherence among what we think, we say and we do.

All the companies across the coutries where we are presentapply the good corporate governance principles and policies, which allow us to:

  • Assign clear responsibilities to our directive and administrative areas.
  • Acknowledge and consolidate relationships with stakeholders.
  • Attain solid systems for issues related with risk management, internal and financial affairs, accounting and administration control, and process management.
  • Seek balance between conflicting interests.
  • Ensure that all the benefits for our stakeholders, derived from the financial results have the fundamental premise of value generation.
  • Resolve differences on a peaceful manner.
  • Generate trust to our control bodies and supervisors.
  • Transcend our Ever More Human Banking philosophy.


Good Corporate Governance Documents


We have a set of corporate bylaws which rule the divisions of any company and which comply with the Colombian Code of Commerce and with the effective legislation.

Country Code Survey

Every year we report the fulfillment of the measures provided in the Corporate Government Country Code provided by the Financial Superintendence by responding to the Country Code Survey. .

Good Governance Code

Our Good Governance Code is purported to strengthen the standards and practices which must rule our actions as a company, specially those related to the shareholders, board of directors and managers, employees, clients and financial consumers.

Code of Ethics

We are committed to the construction of an Ever More Human Banking, and thus, our fundamental purpose is that every action performed generates shared value from the social, environmental and economic viewpoints, and under the parameters contained in our Code of Ethics.